Eine absolute Rarität in unserer Sammlung:
Zwei mit blossem Auge sichtbare Goldpartikel
befinden sich direkt unter der Schmelzkruste
 Gediegen Gold auf Mbale-Metoriten
 Originalstufe 1,8 x 2 x 0,5 cm
Quelle: ARN's History of Meteorites © 
Astronomical Research Network, 1991,
206 Bothvood Ave, Mapiewood, MN 55117 USA
Mbale, Uganda, 1´04´N, 34´10´
Fall 1992 August 14,15.40 local time, 12:40 UTC Ordinary 
chondrite (L5/6). The fall occured in a heavily populated 
area in and around the city of Mbale. 
A loud explosion was heard which persisited for some time
as a rumbling noise. Forabout two minutes a greyish-white
smog trail was seen . A meteorite shower fall over an area
of about 3 x 7 km.  The stone hit several buildings, but
nobody was hurt. 
An expedition was organized by the Dutch Meteor Scciety it
located impact positions of masses between 27.4kg and 0,lg. 
Together with material found in the months after the fall 
totalled 426 stones recovered with a total of 108kg. 
Microscopic specks of gold seen under my microscope.
Mbale, Uganda, Afrika
Archiv-Nr. M-60-10 bis 60-15
Foto ©ws-minifossi-2001 & Sammlung: AG Minifossi

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